Put your helmet on, please.

Helmets, please.

Welcome to my blog.  I will express myself here, and share things with the world that everyone will care about and enjoy.  My life is that interesting, so interesting that I was morally obliged to share it with you. 

I will also include pictures I have taken.  This is also important because even though many of my pictures do not include people you know or things that are relevant to you, the incredible artistic quality of the pictures will have you coming to this blog so often friendships may be deeply affected.  Please be careful.

But the reality is that this blog will take my time for the next, oh, two years +.  My life has just gone through some dramatic changes.  We will go in chronological order:

1) My sister left to be in the Peace Corp in Zambia.  We are close so that is unfortunate.

2) The lease on Jillian and my’s apartment in DC ended which would not have been bad considering, in America, we can renew our leases.  The problem is that….

3) Jillian got a job in Haiti, yes, Haiti.  A place no one EVER goes to unless they are trying to help the people over there, which is what she is doing.  But that means that we no longer need our apartment in DC, in our lovely little building in the U Street Corridor with everything we would ever want around it, and so…..

4) I have moved back in with my parents.  It’s horrific, I know.

So here I am, working as a producer for a major Network News organization with the strange feeling that I just graduated from college for a second time: no wife and living at the parent’s house.

It’s not going to be this depressing all the time, I promise, all this stuff just happened about 3 days ago so I’m still trying to figure out where I am and what I’m doing.  I still grab my socks and underwear out of large black trash bag, so it’s safe to say, I’m still transitioning.

Are you excited? I am.


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