This is NOT cardio tennis

In an effort to keep my mind off of Jillian’s absence, her ex-co-worker, Allison, invited me to attend “Cardio Tennis” once Jillian left.  Well, tonight is the night and I am terrified.  In attendance will be Allison, three other women, and me, a perfect recipe for embarrassment.

So in preparation I did some research, and by research, I mean I googled it.  According to their website, CARDIO TENNIS is “a new, fun group activity featuring drills to give players of all abilities an ultimate, high energy workout.” I like fun!

It also says “if you are looking for a great new way to get in shape and to burn calories, you must try Cardio Tennis.”  Well, I am in fact trying to lose some of the weight I’ve gained by not running for the past 7 months.  They even have a Cardio Tennis Twitter! That seems ridiculously unnecessary, but what do I know about marketing.  OMG, this might be kinda cool!


ICH BIN CARDIO TENNIS!  The Germans love it!  The video makes it look like a tennis team practice from high school.  They were never that fun.

But the real kicker is I’m shelling out twenty bucks for a one hour session!  As in two-zero.  As in I could ride my bike for an hour and buy 4 beers at the bar across the street from my house for the same amount of money.

Jillian says I should just go and have a good time, and be silly.  That’s probably a good idea for both me and the people I’ll be in the class with.  It’s going to be fun, something different to try and then at least be able to say I’ve done it.  So I’ll go and enjoy myself, but at every moment I’ll be assessing, and reassessing, if this is really worth four beers.


I know this is lame, but I got out of work late and I hit traffic in places I never knew it was possible for there to be traffic.  This resulted in me missing Cardio Tennis today.  And because I was a poor planner I didn’t think about the idea of bringing the necessary equipment to work so I could go straight from there.  So I am sorry, but I have no info for you about how Cardio Tennis went.  I am pretty much like Richie Tenenbaum when he took his shoes off (and one of his socks) during his last match as a professional: totally lame.  But next week I will go, and I will take pictures for you all.  I promise!


3 responses to “Cardio Tennis (LAME UPDATE INCLUDED)

  1. it reminds me of group exercise classes! Lot’s of lateral movement – be careful!

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  3. problemsolvergene

    Cardio tennis rocks. I teach a class (my is only $15 as in one-five, so you only give up 4 beers) and I’ve seen some serious poundage shedding from the ladies and men who come.

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