Cliff jumping into Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is awesome.  Jillian, her best friend Kristina, her friend Vince, and I went for a week in early July.  This kid actually didn’t jump here, he was too nervous….wimp.  He did jump later off a shorter cliff though.

Goodbye my friend...

The higher cliff is a tough jump though, a good 40 feet, and mentally it seemed like 1,000.  It looked high when you were in the water looking up, but once you got to the top and looked down it was twice as tall.  So in an act of pure bravery, I didn’t go until Vince went first. 

Plunging to his death

He survived with only minor cuts and bruises, so I jumped. 


It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It was actually pretty exhilarating, minus a small ear ache afterwards.  We did it a couple more times before we left, and Jillian even went off the shorter one, but that jump was closed to the press.


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