Dairy God-Heaven

My father and stepmother returned today from his retirement getaway in California.  We had a delicious meal of spaghetti and sausage with tomato sauce (a staple meal in my Father’s food pyramid), and then went to the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray.  They have the most delicious frozen custard in the world with a different flavor every other day. Even Obama thinks it’s great (even though they won’t be getting a bailout any time soon):

Photo: AP

But the best part of the Dairy Godmother (or the DG, as the hoodrats call it {or the Dreamery, as the original fans called it before they were forced to change the name}), the best part is the ice cream sandwiches and homemade cobblers.  Well today it looked like they had neither, the board which usually includes details about these items was bare.  I was getting depressed, and with “Banana Pudding” as the flavor of the day I thought all was lost…until I saw this peek out from between the cookie jars:

I see you!

A black currant cobbler! Had Obama done this? Probably not.  But it was still wonderful.  And while both my dad and I got a healthy serving of the cobbler with vanilla custard (which I now know comes standard) it would have been nice for me to take a picture and show you how wonderful my night had become.  Instead, without even thinking, I placed my camera down on the counter and began eating.  I came to my senses by the time we got home and snapped this picture, but it’s just not the same.


I’m just glad I made it to Cardio Tennis today….


One response to “Dairy God-Heaven

  1. This may be the wrong time of the day to read your blog – after work and checking e-mail etc…..(which is the time I normally indulge in dreamery custard). That cobbler looks really good.

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