The Decline of the Frank

So there’s this new website that tells you how popular your name has been over the years.  I was excited to see how Frank had faired, until I found out the graph of my name resembles what the DOW looked like at the end of 2008.

DOW - Circa late 2007

I mean, if it’s any consolation, my name was SUPER popular in the 1880s, ranked sixth in the nation actually.  Now it’s a measly 278, continuously plummeting over the past 130 years.  And after looking at other names it seemed that they all seemed to slightly drop as time passed.  UNTIL:


While my wife’s name doesn’t have the deep history that Frank does, Jillian has triumphed over the past 5 decades! A striking defeat.  I admit, I really like the name Jillian so this actually doesn’t suprise me, but it’s a telling sign considering I am the fifth Frank in the family.

So the conclusion I came to is that naming a future son Frank VI may not be the coolest decision.  But what would my financial planner (if I had one) tell me to do in this situation? I’m pretty sure he would tell me to buy low!  Frank is coming back!

On a whole other note, is it just me or does the popularity of my sister’s name, Brittany, look like it follows the rise and fall of Britney Spears’ career? Ranked 7 in the 90’s, it dropped to the 200’s around the time she married K-Fed. Check it out:

Hit me baby one more time.


2 responses to “The Decline of the Frank

  1. the popularity of winifred plummeted in the 1920s and hasn’t seen a comeback since, if that’s any consolation. perhaps a new century will bring a comeback.

  2. Sad part is that it looks like you and I are 2 of the about 7 Franks that exist today…

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