Walker, Texas Ranger

Last weekend my wife got word that the flowergirl from our wedding, Samantha, had grown terribly ill and was in the hospital.  Now a four year old, Jillian has been taking care of her since she was an infant.  But all weekend doctors had no idea what was wrong with her.  It was like an episode of “House” where they thought she had leprosy, BUT NO! The chemicals in her hair ties has given her Kawasaki’s Disease!

In fact, they ACTUALLY thought she had Kawasaki’s Disease (she didn’t), and Kawasaki’s Disease was ACTUALLY in an episode of House (I wiki’ed it).  I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous, the fact that there is an ENTIRE wikipedia page devoted to this episode (the final diagnosis was merely a case of Erdheim-Chester disease), or the fact that I wiki’ed it in the first place.

But she was throwing up and had a fever and had diarrhea and everything hurt and her lymph node was the size of a baseball (a gross exaggeration I’m sure).  But it was really bad and Jillian was distraught, so I offered to help.  My task? To take care of their one year old, Walker. He also goes by Walker Bear, or Bubba:

Texas Ranger

Now I don’t know the rules about taking pictures of other people’s kids, but his parents don’t read this blog so let’s just agree that he is about the most adorable thing in the world and keep it between us.  I took on this incredibly hard job because I love my wife, and his parents needed help while they took care of Samantha in the hospital.  But to be honest, the real reason is because I am completely in love with this kid.  He never cries and he is cute as a button.  I didn’t even charge!

But what I forgot about taking care of kids is that they want to do stuff ALL THE TIME.  Every time I’ve hung out with him in the past Jillian has been taking care of him, so I can play with him and get my fix and then when I’m done I just hand him back.  Don’t worry, I won’t be like this when we have kids of our own…

But the kid wanted to walk around constantly, and go everywhere, and point at everything!  So I took him onto their trampoline that has netting around it to keep kids from falling off.  He loved just running around it and then falling down.  When you grow up, this is called being drunk.  We did this for about 30 minutes.

And because he thought having me follow him around all day was such a good idea, I put the kid to work:


More brooming!

Now put it away!

He wasn’t getting his sippy cup until he earned it!  In all honesty he liked playing with the broom, which also kept us busy for about 20 minutes.

In the end Samantha recovered, and to be honest I’m not sure what exactly they found to be wrong with her, I think it might have been a terrible case of Strep throat.  But, it was nice to hang out with Walker, and I’m glad that I was able to help out someone that has been really great to both Jillian and I.  And I hope when we have kids (Frank VI!), that they will be as chill and fun as Bubba is.


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