Cardio Tennis (Mission Accomplished)

Last Thursday I finally made it to Cardio Tennis.  It was an interesting experience to say the least.  The class takes place in the indoor courts at Hains Point in DC.  This is pretty awesome in and of itself considering as children, my sister and I would drive by these covered courts and call them “the rollie pollie”, but had never been inside.  Therefore this post is unofficially subtitled “The Journey into the Rollie Pollie”.

Inside the Rollie Pollie!

Cardio tennis is pretty much exactly like the movie I posted last week.  It’s a mixture between an aerobics class and tennis practice, and to be honest, it’s not a bad workout.  While our instructor plays hip, new, pump-you-up songs such as “Ice Ice Baby” and “Eye of the Tiger” through his portable stereo, you run drills and hit backhands and forehands until you are uncomfortably sweaty.

The sweat wasn’t really that bad though, it was the fact that only 25% of my shots actually made it over the net.  This wouldn’t have been a problem except, being myself, I had to mention that I had played Varsity Tennis in High School before we started the class.  I was looking at my racket for defects more than once.

But other than a minor altercation with an old Bulgarian man who came over and turned off our music because he thought it was too loud (which resulted in us moving to another court), the class was great and I would definetly return.  In fact, we were all in such great spirits after the class, we decided to take a post-cardio-tennis picture:

Charlie's Cardio Tennis Angels


4 responses to “Cardio Tennis (Mission Accomplished)

  1. So, these are your cardio partners? No old fat guys, huh?, just these fit young women? Is that the cardio part?

  2. Before I read to the bottom of your post I thought “that’s the rollie pollie!!! how cool is that? ” I remember driving to gandma and pop pop’s house and driving by that. I also remember thinking there was a pool inside 🙂 too bad you don’t have a video of your workout.

  3. Pool inside?! Psh i thought it was a giant moon bounce! Im devastated.

  4. And PS: the fact that you told people about your ‘varsity’ tennis experience is absolutely hysterical. I wonder where Tutt is now…

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