R.I.P. Sheba


I come to you with some bad news.  Sheba, one of the two dogs that patrol the Mission House in Haiti, passed away on Saturday after a short battle with an open sore.  What you can’t see in this picture is the sore, which doubled in size in less than a day.  It was clearly infected and because Haiti lacks the ability to treat such ailments for an extended period of time, she was put down.

This was hard for the staff, especially those who have known her since she was a puppy.  What seemed to hit Jillian the hardest was the fact that the sore appeared just days before, and had resulted in such a quick demise. Sheba was later buried on the grounds of the Mission House.

The house will not be without a pet though.  They still have Temar, who is the house’s frisky german shepherd.  She will keep the house safe from robbers and tennis balls, because if she was given a choice between food or playing fetch, she would no doubt choose the latter.  God forbid the criminals wised up and brought tennis balls, the house would be left defenseless!


On a brighter note, they plan on getting a kitten for the house to fend off mice. Their wish almost became true when Jillian and I were invited to see the home of Marie-Ange, one of the daughters of a woman who works at the mission house.  While walking through her neighborhood we found one of the smallest kittens I have ever seen.

Assuming the kitten had no home (why would it? we were in Haiti!) we picked the kitten up and immediately called the mission house director, Elizabeth, to ask her whether we should bring it back with us to be the new mission house attack kitten.  Before we got an answer, the dream became a slightly awkward scenario for some very out of place visitors.

Wouldn’t you know, someone actually owned that kitten.  In fact, it belonged to the people that lived in the house that the kitten was standing outside of.  These things would be incredibly obvious to anyone anywhere, but of course being in the slums of Haiti, this Kitten must have had no home, and was clearly ours!  We handed the kitten to it’s rightful owner, and then were called the CIA by Marie-Ange.  Clearly the United States has a good reputation here.


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  1. no picture of the kitty?

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