Metro Incident (Update #2 with link to video)

As a journalist whenever you see a ton of police cars and fire trucks you get curious.  Well my journalistic blood started to boil when about 10 firetrucks pulled up outside my house and firemen started running down stairs into the tunnel that houses the metro tracks. According to a WMATA flack who tried to blocked my camera with his helmet, a worker was hit by a metro car and was badly injured.  When he was wheeled by me you could tell his right leg was pretty messed up. I snapped these pictures (which I also sent to WUSA9 as they are the only pictures of the victim as far as I know):

Pulling Victim Out

Pulling Victim Out2

Pulling Victim Out4

Victim on Stretcher2

Victim on Stretcher3

UPDATE: WUSA is running one of my photos on their website. Courtesy of me, of course:

UPDATE #2: HAHAHA, WUSA ran a piece in their 5pm news that included the pictures I sent them.  It’s on the website above.  Included in the reporters track is this line: “These pictures were taken by Frank Thorp”.  HAHA!  I promise I did not ask them to verbally mention my name.

Also, apparently the Alexandria Fire Department is wondering if they can have a copy of the pictures to give to the fireman who were involved and to use for training.  They also want to know where I live so they can track me down and beat the crap out of me for taking pictures.  I will send them the pictures, but feel that a beat down would be inappropriate.

And BTW, I am slightly curious why I am getting a kick out of this when I work on producing television for millions of people everyday.  But whatever!


2 responses to “Metro Incident (Update #2 with link to video)

  1. all I can say is WOW!

  2. Great pix and byline!

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