When Children Attack

I walked into my house on Thursday night and knew something was wrong.  At my parent’s home everything is always in order, the only room that remains in a constant state of disorder is my own.  There is never stuff sitting on the stairs, the kitchen is always clean, the living room organized.

But as I walked in from work around 2am on Friday I noticed clothes on the floor, food on the kitchen counters, and TOYS EVERYWHERE.  I had forgotten that my cousins were in town with their children, and as a result it looked like a diaper bag had exploded all over the house.

But this gave me the perfect opportunity to test out my new lense! That’s right, for those of you who don’t constantly check my bio page (I’m not sure why you wouldn’t!), I have been jonesing for a 50mm lense with a low f-stop for quite a while.  Well, courtesy of my mother, I got it!


This is Ali, the daughter of my cousins Brian and Becky.  She’s about the hugest ham I have ever met, and cute as a button.  I swear getting a picture without her in the frame was close to impossible.  But I swung it.


This is Sean, Ali’s one year old brother.  He likes to eat stickers, and be adorable.


And finally, this is Thomas, my cousin Ruth’s first baby.  He is three weeks old and never cries, the most perfect kind of baby ever.

I’m pretty sure there has never been this many children in this house at the same time, so it was quite the spectacle.  But the day was made complete when my step-mother attempted to change Sean’s diaper.  It was a diaper-fest, Thomas was getting changed, Tammy was changing Sean, and my dad was putting on a new pair of Depends.  Haha, just kidding, my dad doesn’t have to wear diapers….yet.

Now, I have to believe this wasn’t the first time Tammy changed a diaper, but you wouldn’t know it.  I’m pretty sure you could show this to future mothers as an example of how NOT to change a diaper.

Do not replicate

But it was pretty hilarious.


2 responses to “When Children Attack

  1. so cute. did you use flash, or just f-stop and room lighting?

  2. Now tell the truth, was Tammy changing that diaper, or was the kid “pinning” Tammy – somehow the one on top seems to be in charge! Totally adorable! Cute kid too.

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