An Evening With Aiden

My mom needed me to take care of my little brother, Aiden, on Friday and I was more than happy to help.  I haven’t hung out with him in weeks, so this was a great opportunity to get the DL on spanish class, scooters, and his girlfriend(s).  I had to pick him from his afterschool program which is named Creative Play in an effort to get parents to think their children are being creative and thinking outside the box after school.

Well, from what I saw, Creative Play is just supervised chaos.  Kids are riding bikes through soccer games while young children are laying down in the middle of the field.  I witnessed a 2-year-old get NAILED in the face with the ball, a result of her thinking the middle of a soccer field full of crazy kids would be a good place to snuggle with her brother.  I felt bad for her, I promise.

So I put Aiden on my shoulders, grabbed his bag, and we were off.  After a quick slurpee stop we went to the mall to run some errands.  I had to pick up a packet for a race I was running and Aiden needed to get a present for one of his best friend’s birthdays.  Our first stop was the Sunglass Hut.  These look much better on him than they do on me:

Coolin' Out

Aiden is a lot of fun to hang out with.  Being six, he’s the perfect age where he’s still curious and asks a million questions.   The nice thing is that he’s young enough that if you don’t give him a complete explanation as to why there is a random piece of tape on that random window, he’s not going to think you’re an idiot.  We picked up my race packet and then moved on the Lego Store to get his friend a present.  Bringing Aiden to the Lego Store is like bringing a crack addict to a crack house.

I want that!!!

This is Aiden longing for Legos.  Because I’m a cool brother, I told him he could get something that was $10 or less.  Now, I’ll admit that it’s hard to find a Lego set under 10 bucks, but it’s not impossible.  It’s also not HIS birthday.  So he would pick up a box of legos/Aiden-crack and ask me if he could get them.  No Aiden, that is $25.  No Aiden, that is $90.  No Aiden, that is $150.  I wasn’t budging. He finally picked a Lego space police set for $9.99, a Star Wars set for his friend, and a Lego zoom lense for me…haha, I wish.

We left the mall and putt-putt was next.  Last time Aiden and I played putt-putt he was all over the place, but this time he was focussed, waiting his turn, and making sure I kept semi-accurate score.  Well, this good behavior digressed quickly, and he soon found ways to do every un-putt-putt thing you could possibly do on a putt-putt course.

First, he would jump off rocks:

Aiden Jumping

And jump off rocks:

...and jumping.

And jump off more rocks:

...and jumping.

He did this about 500 times before he got bored and decided to hit EVERYTHING with his putter:

He's angry

I finally explained to him that he needed to stop hitting things with his putter, the other people on the course were starting to give us looks.  So instead of hitting things with the putter, he would stick it in every pool of disgustingly blue-dyed water there was.

Must touch this water...

To be honest, I probably should have been a little more responsible and stopped him from doing most of this stuff.  But there was really no one around us, and he was having such a great time that it was hard to tell him not to have fun.  And I have to admit that I was having fun just watching him.

I really love Aiden and I wish we spent more afternoons like this together.  Once my schedule changes to regular hours I’m hoping to make this more of a regular occurence.  He will definitely be one of the things I miss most when I’m in Haiti with Jillian.  That and caramel frappuccinos, of course.


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