Potomac Sunset

The sun setting over the Potomac River.  I love sunsets, so I hope you enjoy them too because there will probably be a bunch of them posted on this site. The reason I love taking pictures of sunsets is because they are just there.  They don’t move or stop smiling, you just have to have your camera on you and everything is perfect.

Editors note:  Thanks to the help and incredible knowledge of my friend Winna, all photos posted from this point on will link back to the picture in Flickr.  This will not only keep my photos in a consolidated place, but will hopefully deal with a problem I have been having where the colors of photos I’ve uploaded have been slightly muted.  Cheers!


One response to “Potomac Sunset

  1. yay fickr! yet another social networking site for distractions from real-life. also, this picture is lovely. i want to go to there…

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