Animal House

My mother requires changes in her life every couple years or so, something that may be a result of us moving around the country often earlier in life.  As a result, now that she has been in the house she lives in for about 8 years, she makes small changes to spice it up.  Normally it’s something small like painting the walls, but there is always the occasional time when you get home and there is a new animal prancing around the house! 

Well, about a year ago the new family addition wasn’t prancing at all, THEY were flying.  Above is Tweety.  There is another bird but I have forgotten it’s name, and the two LOVE each other.  When they are not climbing on my Mom’s shoulders and hair and pooping everywhere, they make some beautiful bird sounds.  A great addition to the house (but nothing beats Bella!).


One response to “Animal House

  1. peaches and tweety now have a nest with five eggs in them!

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