Alternate Reality (More HDR)

Let’s start with two notes:

1) I promise that this blog will not become the, “Hey! Look at what I can do on Photoshop!” blog.  AND

2) I also promise that I won’t HDR all my photos, even though I get an enormous amount of satisfaction doing so (not to mention they look so cool).

SMALL NOTE ABOUT ABOVE NOTE #2:  I don’t believe HDR is a verb.  It’s not like someone asked me what I was doing when I was taking pictures and I told them, “I’m HDRing! Mind your business!”  But I will use it anyways as such.

So I wrote in my last post about how I was unable to use a tripod inside Union Station because of a rule dating back to Stalin.  But because I had trucked the tripod all the way out there, I forced myself to use it.  After I took my pictures off the handrail inside, I went outside and set up my tripod to HDR a fountain just outside the building.

It’s a relatively no frills fountain, but it does have some really nice statues above it.  I shot what looks like a figurehead from an old ship from two different angles.  Here are the exposures:

I used 3 exposures for each this time (instead of 5) because it takes so incredibly long (actually only about 2 minutes) to process these images when you have a lot of them to sandwich together.  So here they are (just like before you can click on them for a bigger version):


So I won’t really go into depth about this but I love the way that these photos almost look like they were painted.  In particular, on the first photo if you click on it to look at the larger version, look to the right of her head.  A pigeon flew by during just one of the shots making it seems like the ghost of a pigeon stopped by and whispered to her, “that guy over there is taking our picture!”

I am getting slightly worried that I am stepping too far away from reality here, and I don’t want to lose my eye for good pictures that are not going to be HDRed.  But it is always fun to know that I can do this when I want to have a little fun.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I tried using Photomatix to create HDRs with that over-expressive look but I just couldn’t get it to work for some reason.  Photoshop wouldn’t let me save the pictures as a .hdr file, and I was getting good results without it, so I scrapped the idea.


One response to “Alternate Reality (More HDR)

  1. Lovely HDR with the statues, but your skies picked up a funky color cast. Good shot though, with just a little color correction of the clouds in photoshop you’ve got two great images there!

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