Aiden Domination

My brother Aiden is a star.  He plays soccer every Saturday on fields just down the street from my Dad’s house so I never really have an excuse not to go see him dominate. 

As you see in the picture above, Aiden Domination was in full effect.  As he runs back towards mid-field after a quick goal, the boy on the right has fallen into the net in a weak attempt to defend against Aiden’s powerful kicking ability.  He may have been pushed into the net by the force of the ball, we can’t really be sure.  The boy on the left if staring in amazement, clearly thinking to himself, “I can’t believe that just happened…”

He got four goals this Saturday, but Aiden can’t carry the whole team on his shoulders.  In fact, this week he was well matched against a kid on the other team who would dance around after he scored like he was God’s gift to soccer.  And even though Aiden could fend off his showboat moves, the rest of Aiden’s team was no match, and I began to loath him.  You may think this is ridiculous, and you would be right.

So after Aiden finished mercilessly outrunning the Blue Team’s defense, the game ended and we were getting ready to leave.  But as it goes after soccer games some of the kids stick around and kick the ball between sips of juice boxes. 

Well, wouldn’t you know, the showboater kid jumps on the field and starts approaching the goal rearing up to get yet another showboat goal.  Out of instinct (and hatred) I run out onto the field and stand between him and his glory, not really knowing what I was planning to do next.  He runs towards me, does a showboat move, and as he goes to shoot I don’t just block it, I kick the ball out of the field and over the fence! I kid you not.

I look down at the kid and he’s just staring at me with his mouth wide open.  I turn around and this dad whose playing soccer with his son looks at me and goes, “wow dude.”  And I am speechless.  Out of pure embarresment I run over to the 10-foot chainlink fence, hop it, and grab the ball to throw it back.

I walk up to my stepmom, Kellie, and she goes, “did you see the look on his face!?” all while I’m sure she’s thinking to herself: “never let Frank take care of Aiden ever again.”  But for some crazy reason she did, and Aiden and I headed to Tropical Smoothie for a quick cool-down to celebrate his performance.

But as we sit down at the smoothie store Aiden turns to me and asks, “Why did you kick that ball over the fence and not just stop it?”  Ummmm.  I search for some kind of reason why I would do something so ridiculous, but simply revert to admitting my mistake.  “I don’t know why,” I say, “I shouldn’t have done that.” 

“Oh,” he responds, and picks up something from the table and turns it into a crown.  Thank God for the attention span of a six-year-old!

What Soccer Game?

What Soccer Game?


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  1. very, very funny……

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