The Whip

One of the cool things I get to do for my job is go on live shots and meet the people you usually only see on TV.  This is Congressman Eric Cantor from Virginia.  He’s the Republican Whip in the House of Representatives, and he LOVES to hate on the Democrats.  In fact, that’s why we put him on television! 

But he is always good TV, and he and his press person are super nice, so it’s always a pleasure to have him on to explain how the Dems are trying to take our American flags and replace them with the hammer and sickle.   It’s true you know, Democrats love communism.

Whenever I go on a live shot I always wish I would have brought my camera with me because they always set up the lighting perfectly for great photos.  This was the first time I’ve brought my camera to a live shot because in the past I felt weird taking pictures for fun while I am supposed to be working.  I have gotten past that feeling, and it was worth it.

We do Congressional live shots in the Russell Senate building, in an area called the Russell Rotunda.  It’s really a beautiful place, one of those buildings that makes you wonder why they were able to make such gorgeous buildings, when all we use now is dry-wall and metal panelling.

This is one of the parts of my job that I will miss the most.  Getting to see TV actually happen is exciting, no matter where it is.  And after it’s over you wonder how a cameraman, a sound guy, and I just worked for hours, all for 2 minutes of television.  It’s fascinating.


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