Knick Knacks and Paddy Whacks

My Aunt Nancy redid the kitchen in her house recently so she invited family over to celebrate the new addition.  Nancy, also known as Nanners, is a really interesting person in the all best ways you could mean by using that word (I’m not saying she’s interesting…).  For instance, even though her whole kitchen was just beautifully modernized, she still does not have, and never will have, a microwave.  Now, I guess that’s not that crazy, but it’s still impressive she can pull it all out without one.

She made dinner and started out the evening with cheeses and a fig reduction.  I’m not a huge foodie, but this was all delicious.  She also makes her own chive butter with homegrown chives.  Spending days churning the butter, the milk comes from a cow she keeps on her porch.  Just kidding…I think.

But Nanners is creative in about every way possible, which shows all over her house.  She has about 10 million knick knacks strewn everywhere, but what’s amazing is that they are all organized in a way that works.  For instance, there is a bookcase on a wall in her living room that just has old stuff on it.  Any other person would make this look like a disaster.  She, on the other hand, makes it look like art.

Full disclosure, my step-mom Kellie gets a lot of the credit for these pictures.  We went around the bookcase looking for interesting shots while she would carry a lamp with her to make sure it was well lit.  It was actually pretty hilarious, but made for some pretty cool lighting.  Thanks Kel!

Nanners is my God-mother, so when I was a kid we used to spend a lot of time hanging out at her house. She gave me my first mix-tape when I was young with songs from Foo-Fighters and Soundgarden.  She also used to keep her air conditioner at around 65 degrees for what seemed like all year.  This was always such a treat considering we waited until August to turn the AC on in our house (a small exaggeration).

I always used to love going there because every time you would find something new and interesting.  In fact, on the way out I saw this tray of old bottles in the bathroom that I had never seen before. I swear, this house was made for a photographer.


One response to “Knick Knacks and Paddy Whacks

  1. You are blessed with the eye of an artist! Thank you for capturing a glimpse into my world.

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