Night Night!

I’m writing this post from the worst hotel in America.  We’re staying in an Econolodge in Charlottesville, VA for a story about a girl who went missing, and I can’t tell you how much I would rather be in any other bed other than this one.  If you google this specific hotel these are some of the reviews you will see:

“Never Again”

“Dangerous Place To Stay”

“Avoid if humanly possible!”

“One of the worst hovels I have ever stayed in.”

Notice how “hotels” on that last review is actually spelled “hovels”.  This was probably written by the guy with the huge mullet smoking a cigarette on the balcony above my room.  It goes without saying that the bedspread is laying on the floor as far away from the bed as possible.

We’re staying here because it’s the closest hotel to the live shot we have tomorrow morning and the other producer with me decided he thought it would be best to have a short trip early in the morning.  If we are asked to stay in Charlottesville for another day, we will not be staying here.

But on a better note, Aiden was ready for bed Sunday night and he was flashing some brand new Star Wars: Clone Wars pajamas.  He’s about the cutest kid in the world.  I quickly punched him in the stomach after I took this pictures because that’s what older brothers do. NIGHT NIGHT!!!


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