To Haiti, Part Deux

I know I might sound like a broken record, but I’m not sure who I was kidding when I thought I would be able to bring two bags of my own stuff down to Haiti this weekend.  The idea was that I would leave clothes there now so I won’t have to bring them in January.  To Jillian’s credit, she did say I could leave some of her stuff here, but that seemed a little selfish considering I can go to Super Target whenever I want, and she can’t.  The result was another entire bag filled with stuff for her:

I actually like to do this for her.  It’s like bringing down a bag of presents!  The issue is that all the items put together in this bag look a tad bit suspicious.  The wiz-bang calculator connects to the Brewers Yeast which connects to the air pump that connects to the candles next to the deflated soccer balls.  It’s bound to get searched.

But that’s not the real reason for this post.  The real reason is how freaking excited I am that I will be with Jillian tomorrow (actually today).  I’ve been catching myself saying her name to myself, alone, because I can’t wait to see her.  It’s actually kinda scary.

The difference between this trip and the last one is that everyone knows that I will be moving there now, so I can go around work and be like, “yeah, so I’m going to Haiti tomorrow.”  The responses are not as negative as they once were, and that’s getting me really excited.

After a smattering of disapproval from a few folks, the people in my office that I really respect have expressed their support for the move.  I was having doubts when some of my old co-workers were giving me grief for my decision to leave my job for Haiti, but my current co-workers’ overwhelming support has given me the confidence that this is absolutely the right decision.  I will have the opportunity to send reports back to the company I work for now, which is enough of something to do to make me not nervous that I could be terminally unemployed.

So this trip has a whole new significance.  I cannot WAIT to be with Jillian, and now I can go back to work and tell everyone how great it was and how I love my wife and how I can’t wait to move down.  All these things were true before, but they were feelings I couldn’t express publicly.

I hope this is all making sense.

But on a small side-note, I got a call from Jillian earlier this evening in which she asked me to pick up some last-minute supplies: Sudafed, Nyquil, and Dayquil.  Jillian is sick, and I will be tasked to take care of her.  Normally this would be a drag, but even if I have to tend to her for the next 5 days, the trip will be totally worth it.


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