Haitian Halloween Masks

One thing that I’m noticing about Haiti is things there can be pretty scary.  On Saturday, Jillian, Devon, and I went to a store that sells Haitian art, and inside we found these super creepy masks.

They were made out of paper mache and smelled kinda bad.  They were also kinda heavy, and visibility was close to zero.  The one I am wearing above cost 10,000 Goudes, which is about 240 bucks.  Haitians use these masks for festivals such as Carnival, which makes me SUPER psyched that I’m going to be there next year with a camera in tow.

Above is Devon.  We took her picture with the mask on in an effort to send it to her parents so they would send money.  “Look at what has happen to her!” we would write, “You must send money now or it will be permanent!!!”  It’s unlikely to work.


One response to “Haitian Halloween Masks

  1. Highly unlikely, but a great photo nevertheless! Is that a bull mask she’s wearing? How ironic!

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