A couple of people have been asking who this Devon person is that I keep writing about in recent posts about Haiti.  Well, I’m going to answer a few questions for you right now:

On the right is Devon, she’s a Nurse from Connecticut that has moved down to Haiti to do medical work in Jeremie, which is a coastal town west of Port-au-Prince.  She came down with a medical mission that Jillian was running, and is sticking around the mission house until she leaves later this month.  She’s a blast to hang out with, and Jillian, her, and I had a pretty great time just kickin’ it old school (no, I am not cool enough to say that).

In the middle is Mathieu, who is a Haitian friend of one of Jillian’s co-workers.  He was the one who brought us to the cemetary and showed us the voodoo celebrations.  If it weren’t for him we would have had NO idea where to go, and we would probably still be lost in the labyrinth of graves now.  He was really great, and it was nice to have someone with us that we could trust.

On the left is a random woman named Jillian.  We found her walking on the side of the road and picked her up because she was pretty.  While Mathieu and Devon recommended we not pick up a stranger, she turned out to be a really nice person, and apparently she has a really cool husband.  I’m looking forward to meeting him.

I hope this answers all of your questions.

Love, Your Esteemed Author


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