The Greatest Show on Earth

On Saturday my Aunt TJ showed her new paintings for the first time at West Annapolis Art Works and Fine Framing.  It was a new look at the pieces that she has been working on over the past couple years, and it was spectacular.  (If you want to learn more about her style of painting you can click on this post here)

While I was interested in the art, the real reason I went was to get as close as possible to the celebrity artist herself, and maybe even talk to her!  Of course, this wasn’t possible because she was constantly swamped with people interested in her technique, and questions as to why she can’t manage to paint a straight line.

Of course I’m kidding, and I’m crazy about these paintings.  Everyone was.  In fact, my Dad and Stepmom are planning on buying one to put in their house, and they weren’t even at the show.  But everywhere I turned people were enamored with the art, and you could see smiles on most everyone’s faces.  The color and depth in the art makes you happy, and in my mind that’s way better than the alternative.


And so I snaked through the crowd where I found there was actually another show going on at the exact same time.  You see, when my Mom, my Aunt Nancy, and my Uncle Chris get together it’s like watching a sitcom. 

I guess it’s to be expected, brothers and sisters usually bicker, but they’re adults!  The funny thing is it makes me miss my sister, Brittany.  Being in Zambia makes it almost impossible for me to make fun of her.

And while this was the first time TJ has had these paintings displayed, the show also marked a first for your esteemed author.  Last month I took pictures of TJ painting and she printed them out and put them up on the wall of the studio for people to look at!  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m kind of a big deal.

The night was a success, and we toasted to TJ at dinner afterwards.  We are all really proud and excited for TJ and what she has done,  and you just wait, give it a couple years and TJ will be on the cover of TIME magazine as the person of the year!!! OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but she could really make a mark with these paintings.  Congrats TJ!

WARNING: I am about to go on an incredible tangent, so if you are only interested in the art, you can skip the rest of this post.

In conclusion, I would be remiss to not mention a little incident that happened on the way to the gallery.  While driving to the show I was trusting entirely too much on Googlemaps.  It told me to make a right instead of a left on the road that gallery was on, the first in a terrible series of events.

After quickly realizing my mistake I pulled into a parking lot to make a U-turn.  Because I didn’t know where I was going and the lot was poorly lit, I turned the wheel a tad too quickly, and as a result I careened my car over the curb that jutted out into the middle of the lot.

I sat there stunned, about to have a nervous breakdown, tears forming in my eyes, trying to figure out what I should do next.  I was literally thinking on the way there about how much I could sell the car for when I move to Haiti, and now it just sounded like I had ripped the entire engine out from underneath the car.  I tried to drive forward but the car wasn’t budging, this was a problem.

After a quick inspection, it turns out this was no normal curb.  In fact, it was a hill, and my car was now tettering on the edge.  My left wheel was barely touching the grass, while my right wheel was about a foot above the ground.  This was no longer just a problem, it was a disaster. 

I had no idea what to do next.  But out of pure love and respect for TJ, I went into my car and grabbed the mini cupcakes that I had picked up for the show, and ran them across the street to the gallery, leaving my car tettering on the hill.  I delivered the cupcakes and asked my Uncle Chris if he had any idea what I could possibly do.

He and his friend Bob followed me across the street to assess the situation.  “How did you do that?!” Chris asked.  All I had in response was a shrug of utter embarresment.  After a quick assessment, they decided that they could pick up the back of the car and lean it forward, and I should be able to drive down the hill.

So I jumped behind the wheel, they lifted from behind, and the car moved forward as the front wheels finally touched solid ground.  The scraping sound was horrific, but the car, AMAZINGLY, came out unscathed.  It drives fine, isn’t leaking anything, and doesn’t have pieces of the engine hanging from the bottom.

I, stupidily, did not take pictures of the car tettering on the edge of disaster.  I blaim the intense emotional state that I was in as the reason for why I failed in my duties as a photographer and blogger.  But I did go out to the hill later with Aiden to take this shot of the crime-scene.  My right wheel was hanging just to the left of where Aiden is standing.  It might not look big, but let me tell you, it felt like Mount Everest.

So the lesson for the day was clear: don’t trust Google.  Actually, it was probably that I need to pay a little more attention when I’m driving.  In addition, I also learned that Mazda 3s can also double as off-roading vehicles.


One response to “The Greatest Show on Earth

  1. Absolutely amazing art!
    Oh, and be safe!

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