Let’s Fly Away

I have always been a really big fan of isle seats when I fly.  Like everyone else in the world, I hate being crammed in an airplane, and if I can have a little extra space while the drink cart isn’t smashing into my leg, I’ll take it.

But on my way to Haiti 2 weeks ago I was put in a window seat and the view made the small amount of space I had totally worth it.  It turns out there are islands everywhere in the waters between Miami and Port-au-Prince.  That plus a beautifully clear day equals cool pictures. 

Next time I’m going to try and sit in a west-facing window seat when I fly during a sunset.  I didn’t this time around, and I regretted it after seeing the view through someone else’s window.  The colors you see from the air are amazing.

On a different note, American Airlines is a QUALITY airline.  Not only were my flights comfortable and semi-on-time, but the flight attendants are wonderful and the pilots are the best in the world.  Did you hear that?  The pilots are top-notch!  Have I ever mentioned that my Father-in-law is a pilot for American Airlines?  The only downside is they give you the weirdest food combinations ever when you fly to Haiti:


2 responses to “Let’s Fly Away

  1. how many food groups is that?

    • Not enough! And that’s the point! Raisins, crackers, chocolate and cheese do not make a plane ride bearable…well maybe the chocolate does.

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