History Repeats Itself

I spoke with my Father-in-law, Clay, just before he left a couple days ago for his trip to Haiti to visit Jillian.  “My bags are already filled with stuff and I haven’t even packed my clothes!” he said.  I asked him to send me pictures and it appears that no one is excluded from Jillian’s stranglehold on visitor’s baggage-space.

This is nothing new

So much stuff!


While I have complete and utter sympathy for Jillian’s predicament, how is she going to bring all this stuff back?!  “FULL suitcase, full Large North Face Duffle and a Laptop backpack about to hold 2 laptops! Yeesh!” Clay wrote to me in an email.  I’m getting nervous.

I suppose I should prepare to move down to Haiti with about 1/4 of a bag of my personal belongings.  The rest will, of course, be filled with toys for Lulu.

Miss Petunia


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