The Cutest Video Ever! (Surprised Kitty)

If you have not seen this than prepare to melt in your seat.  There is absolutely no way you can hate cats after you see this video.


6 responses to “The Cutest Video Ever! (Surprised Kitty)

  1. It is indeed the cutest thing that I have seen in a long time. Almost makes me want to get a kitten – then I remember how much of a terror they can be 🙂

  2. that’s the startle response! Newborn babies have it too! And by the way, who hates cats??

  3. A lot of people hate cats! For one, the author of the novel, “Hate That Cat”:

  4. Cats will eat you if you die. Think about that…

  5. OK, the cat WAS cute about a year ago when you posted this, but…????
    I know you’re all packing and stuff, but how ’bout at least a warning about your pending departure and the shift of your base of operations? Is this going to be the joint Jillian/Frank blog or just your stuff? Will there be a “JillianandFrankattackHaitiwithFlyingDiscs.something” blog openning up soon?
    Your fans await your next move.

  6. hey frank – loving the blog. The white house posting was hilarious. That’s cool! I can’t believe the crashers house is SO small and not very glamorous. Probably because so much of their money is tied up in frauds. 🙂 can’t wait to see your pictures of Haiti and hear about your experiences
    Have fun!

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