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Capitol Hill

Now that it’s cold outside, it’s always nice to be able to take pictures of the Capitol Building from inside.  I got another chance during a live shot from the usual Russell Rotunda.  While walking around to our live location I looked out the window and from that vantage point the Capitol Building looked huge.


The Mind of Man

So I made it to the Jefferson Memorial and this was probably the coolest picture I took there.  Inscribed around the interior wall is the following quote:

“I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

This quote is from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to Benjamin Rush Monticello in 1800 where he says that the constitution should not recognize a state religion.  “The mind of man.”  It just sounds so powerful, like something we should all be fighting for.

Another fun thing about this picture is that because the inscription bends downwards, it makes the top of the picture appear to bend upwards.  I swear it’s an optical illusion and not some shoddy photoshop work.

Trains in DC

I went out last week to take pictures of some monuments which I’m going to post as pictures of the day for the next couple of days.  But I didn’t realize that to get to the Jefferson Memorial you have to park about a half mile away and then walk.  On my way from my parking spot in the middle of nowhere, I walked under this bridge with train tracks on it with a train rolling by. I panickly ripped my camera out of my bag and set up my tripod so I could get a shot before the train was gone.  It turned out really cool.

Signs of Life

The weather in Alexandria recently has been a roller coaster.  On Monday you will be bundling up to fight off a nor’easter, and by Friday you will have walking the streets of DC in shorts and a t-shirt.  In fact, my buddies, my Dad, and I are going golfing tomorrow because it’s supposed to be so nice when two days ago the region appeared to be seconds away from horrible flooding.

But this moss is growing outside my Dad’s house on the brick sidewalk, and it struck me as strange that something new would be growing in the middle of November.  Maybe Al Gore was right!  Sike! (in-laws, please still love me)

Fall Foliage

It’s not breaking news that the leaves are changing.  Actually they’ve pretty much all changed already.  This is one of those times of year that you get excited about before it’s happens, but then regret having not taken advantage of when it’s over. 

“Oh look!  The leaves are changing!  How pretty!” you say in August.  But then in December you realize your mistake:  “Oh man! Where did all the leaves go?”  you scream as you slide your car into a snowy ditch.

But considering I take pictures of everything, I realized after seeing this picture on ‘Dooce’ (which is a [women’s] blog that I [embarrassingly] read everyday) that I had not taken the time to capture the colors.


These photos aren’t up to par with the stellar pictures on ‘Dooce’, but it’s always good to have something to work towards.  I need to get out and do it again before it’s all over, but procrastination is the name of the game here, so the next pictures you see will likely be of snow.

Alexandria Sunset

I was watching football in the loft at my Dad’s house yesterday and the sunset outside was amazing.  Because I couldn’t get a clear view from the porch, I climbed up a ledge seperating our porch from our nextdoor neighbor’s porch to get a better look from the roof.  It was a pretty amazing view, even if I risked my life to get it.

Light the Way

Lights in the back porch of my Dad’s house.  While some of these lights have been melted away due to the intense heat coming from the grill on the porch, the ones that have survived have made for some beautiful lighting.